Theresa Dear

Greetings! Welcome to the website of the national award-winning West Towns Illinois Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. We appreciate your visiting our site to see some of the transformative projects and initiatives we are implementing.

The West Towns IL Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is comprised of some of the finest, talented, innovative, intelligent, committed, compassionate, hardworking and loving sisters, who epitomize sisterhood and friendship.  We are proud of our award-winning chapter, which is relentlessly committed to our mission and built on a rich legacy of visionaries, pioneers and trailblazers.

We celebrate the successes achieved through our robust, impactful and extendible programmatic initiatives.  This year, we challenged ourselves.  We stepped away from the norm and status quo and delivered innovative, community-customized and Uber level services and projects to Lincoln Elementary and the Bellwood community.

Our chapter has made a difference in the lives of so many because each officer, facet chair, committee chair, and Link sister embraced a vision and goal of YES Again (Year of Extraordinary Service) Again.  This year, our theme is LIFT: Leading Innovative Initiatives and Facilitating Transformation. We are proud of what we have accomplished and what we plan to accomplish through friendship, service and sisterhood.

None of what we do, would be possible without you – our friends, partners and guests.  Thank you for continuing to invest in the future of our children, the sustainability of our schools and the vibrancy of our communities. 

Please continue to visit our site, follow us on social media and stay tuned for amazing chapter events and programs that epitomize how we LIFT our community, chapter and one another.

In Friendship and Service,

Theresa A. Dear


Members of the West Towns IL Chapter of the Links, Incorporated.


The Arts
The Arts

Facet Chairwoman: Angela Patterson

The Link’s support of the arts began very early in the formation of the organization and was formally recognized as one of our facets in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly.

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<br><strong>Health and Human Services:</strong>“/><h5 class=
Health and Human Services:

Facet Chairwoman: Barbara Suggs Mason

Health and Human Services Facet is actively involved in the following National Initiatives

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<br><strong>International Trends:</strong>“/><h5 class=
International Trends:

Committee Chairwoman: Tiffany Hope

Supporting Communities Internationally and Nationally.

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<br><strong>National Trends:</strong>“/><h5 class=
National Trends:

Facet Chairwoman: Patty Davis

National Trends and Services is the lead facet for West Towns’ Umbrella Program “Committing to Academic Excellence” at Lincoln Elementary School in Bellwood, IL. The facet coordinates the Chapter’s activities at the school, with lead responsibilities for Family Involvement and Engagement activities and a Library Enhancement project at Lincoln.

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<br><strong>Services to Youth</strong>“/><h5 class=
Services to Youth

Facet Chairwoman: Gina Banks Eanes

West Towns (IL) Chapter, chartered in June 1976 held their first Services to Youth Facet activity in May 1977. The Chapter Co-sponsored a “Career Conference for High School Students”. Since then the Chapter has sponsored a variety of transformational and life changing programs and activities for the youth in the surrounding Western Suburbs of Chicago.

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In Memorium of

Link Barbara D. Smith